Ranma ½, Vol. 5 - Rumiko Takahashi *2.4 Stars*

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*WARNING: Because of the occasional female nudity (and male though they always have carefully placed legs), this is not really for younger manga readers.

*The Gush and Rant*

'Ghoul' (Shampoo's great grandmother-I know she has another name but this one fits perfectly) might actually be taking her place of character I hate the most in this series. Male!Ranma finally comes back, with more kitty Ranma! Really?! Then Ryoga returns...and oh good, the Ghoul is here too! The one story I hoped for ruined. Though the fighting was really good. Is there one story she won't appear in?!

(Peers around, I think we're clear-yeah, no Ghoul!) The tea ceremony (martial arts tea ceremony? Where do you even come up with that?) was by far my favorite. The story specific characters sadly had little more personality then the furniture - the young man was even worse - but staying, moving, and fighting in the seated position was admittedly a cool idea and would be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Yeah, upperclassman Kuno! Surely he will us something interestin...No! The Ghoul? Here? Martial Takeout Compitition! What the heck? I...can't even describe this, this is...bizarre. The only funny part was Kuno's house was 'randomly' picked and he's waiting for Akane and 'the girl with the pig-tail' to arrive. Whoever arrives 1st will win his heart. Ok, that was funny, especialy when Shampoo arrives too in a three way tie. Why doesn't she go out with Kuno? That's brilliant, then everybody would be happy.


I'm really hoping better (and Shampoo-less) volumes are on the horizen. This was...adequate but I'm hoping for better.