Ranma ½, Vol. 4 - Rumiko Takahashi *2.5 Stars*

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*WARNING: Because of the occasional female nudity (and male though they always have carefully placed legs), this is not really for younger manga readers.

*The Gush*

The 1st part of the volume is a bit different. Here we discover Ranma's one weakness...and that Genma should have never had a child. Personally, I don't find phobias funny, nor people's extreme reactions when confronted with them (however, seeing Kuno tell the scared, crying tiger huddled in his arms that his heart belongs to another was HILARIOUS!) Though I did find it sweet that Ranma sought Akane to be safe and calm.
And then they further had to ruin it by bringing Shampoo back. I knew she returned...eventually but we had no break at all! Are they trying to kill me? And her cat form (apparently everyone goes to the stupid cursed spring) is weird looking; I'd be scared too.
...Seriously, is this stupid always girl!Ranma plot element with Shampoo and her entourage ever going to end?

*The Rant*

A LOT more female nudity then normal and as stated above, I don't find phobias funny. Also, what Genma did was basically child abuse.


While definitely my least favorite volume so far, some of the incidentals in this book are really sweet and Ranma grows as a martial artist.