One Piece Vol 66: The Road toward the Sun

One Piece, Vol. 66: The Path Towards the Sun - Eiichiro Oda

The ending of the Fishman Island story was extremely touching. Jimbei giving his blood, not even to prove a point but because he's a friend and he cares for Luffy. 'Noah' and the Neptunians talk is very ominous. Luffy may be more of a danger to the world then I thought he would be.

...Poseidon is the princess. Holy sh...crap. No. Just no. Oh my gosh. What are you doing Oda?!

Not sure how I feel about Punk Hazard. Even after reading the next volume, it is disjointed and I don't get where he's going with this. So far, I'm not impressed.




Reread 11/10/2014


Luffy's defeated Hody but it's too late, NOAH is plummeting to Fish-Man Island. He tries to destroy it, despite the King's wish, in order to save lives. At the last moment, Wimpy-Hoshi's cries bring help, Neptunians who grab the chains connected to it and halt it's fall.Shirohoshi can talk to them and they tell her a bit about the ship, her power, and Luffy. They set the ship down and note that the man seems to hear them, as one other had years ago...Rodger! Luffy is injured though and none of the crew have his blood type, so a law is broken as Jimbei offers his own. A thin stream of blood bridges the gap between Fish-men and humans.


We learn about Poseidon, the ancient weapon, what's going on with the Marines, and Luffy manages to already tick off an Emperor. You know, par for the course!


We're off to the next Arc!