One Piece Vol 64: 100,000 Vs. 10

One Piece, Vol. 64: 100,000 vs. 10 - Eiichiro Oda

The fights are getting better (drawing wise) I'm noticing. And the crew's new powers, awesome. Jimbei and Luffy's fight is sad but I hope Jembei joins the crew cuz Luffy needs someone to beat sense into him every once in awhile.

Noticed that Luffy still has brother issues after Hody threatens Surame's brother. Go Luffy!




Reread 11/08-09/2014


Jimbei refuses to let Luffy fight Hody and he and Wimpy head off on her shark to stop him. However, they get captured and all seems lost. Then, Madam Sharley (the fortune-teller who was Arlong's sister(?)) reminds Hody that her prophecy says only Luffy will destroy Fish-Man Island. After he shoots her, she expresses the wish he would come. The cry is taken up by the people and when Wimpy-Hoshi (she shows strength by keeping the true assassin of her mother a secret and Luffy promotes her) requests his help, Luffy bursts from the shark's mouth, having waited for just such a moment. With his crew, he quickly whittles down the 100,000.


Also, finally seeing the crew's new abilities = awesome!