One Piece Vol 60: My Little Brother

One Piece, Vol. 60: My Little Brother - Eiichiro Oda

Luffy and his crew...the best part of the entire series. I love their connection and the depth of their friendship.



Reread 11/3/2014.


We see the rest of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo's story. To think they came so close to Celestial Dragons before and didn't know about them. Or had Luffy repressed? Who knows. One time stood out to me though. After Sabo's death,

Luffy says: "I wanna be lots, lots...stronger!! So there won't be anything I can't protect!! And Nobody'll ever have to go away again!!"

This echoes what he said to the CP9 guy about getting stronger for his crew.


He screams he's so weak but Jimbei reminds him of his crew - he's not alone. He wants them immediately but Rayleigh suggests something else.


We see his crew all trying to make their way to him, desperate to be there for him. However, a news article of a bizarre action of Luffy stops them. The message is received as the world experiences growth pains of a new era.