One Piece Vol 59: The D. of Portgaz D. Ace

One Piece, Vol. 59: The Death of Portgas D. Ace - Eiichiro Oda

This volume broke me. I cried so hard, and it seemed every page made it worse. ...ace...Whitebeard...evil horrible hated so much (mumbled words)Blackbeard...LUFFY'S EXPRESSION... Shanks

I can't put how I feel about this volume into words.



Reread 11/2/2014.


Well, I'm going to try. Warning: below the gif are MAJOR spoilers!!




Okay Oda-san, you were just being cruel in this one. Having him die in Luffy's arms was just wrong, and I cry every time. Ace tries to help his brother and tells everyone he has no regrets but it breaks Luffy's mind. So many other extremely important events take place as the war continues around him but there are times I barely notice; Luffy is always so strong and to see him shut down like that without his crew is horrible! Sengoku actually has to hold Garp down; apparently family is more important than the Navy after all. Whitebeard takes on Akainu while sending his men to protect Luffy. Blackbeard arrives with more crew from Impel Down and absorbs the dead Whitebeard's Tremor-Tremor power! I fear what he will do to the world. We also learn Rodger told WB what was going on and this might be why his actions towards Ace and Luffy. Trafalger Law and Shanks both show up to save Luffy and end the war.


Afterward, we see Luffy wake up to his worse nightmare. The rest of the volume starts the story of how Luffy and Ace met, grew up, and became brothers.