One Piece Vol 58: The Name of this Era is "Whitebeard"

One Piece, Vol. 58: The Name of This Era is "Whitebeard" - Eiichiro Oda






Reread 11/2/2014.


The volumes making up the Paramount War Arc are the most fast paced manga I've ever read. Literally every panel has something major taking place or text containing something important. I can not read these without adrenaline rushing. I can't even imagine what this will look like animated.


A piddling little stomach wound isn't going to stop Whitebeard and he manages to stop the Navy's attempt to break apart his troops. He's an amazing character and while he was never The Pirate King, he shaped and lead the age more then Rodger ever did. The Navy is scary (and dirty) and the three Powerhouse Admirals are people I hope the crew never meet again. Luffy gets a boost from Ivan again and even faces Garp. Yes, I did tear up. Sengoku's devil fruit turns him into a Buddha! What?!



Luffy gets Ace free and them fighting back to back is amazing. And everyone now knows Luffy has the Haki of the King.

However, Whitebeard will not be joining them, "I'm a relic of a bygone era!! No ship can carry me into the New Age!!"

Worse, Akainu targets Luffy when Ivan's boost dies...and Ace takes the hit from the magma, which his fire ability does not shield him from!

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And yes, the next review will have crying gifs.