One Piece Vol 56: Thank You

One Piece, Vol. 56: Thank You - Eiichiro Oda

(Picking brain off the floor cuz the book blew me away!)



Reread 10/31/2014.



This Arc and the one it's leading up to are killers emotionally. Blackbeard, who just became one of the Seven Warlords, shows up at the prison with bad intentions. He has a plan and I doubt it's good. The groups, Ivan's Kamaland people, Buggy's freed prisoners, and Luffy's group of old enemies and Jimbei manage to escape the prison and the Gate of Justice because of

Bon Clay - who uses his devil fruit to become the Warden and sacrifices himself. I cry every time. They're on their way to Marineford where Ace's execution is set up. Fleet Admiral Sengoku reveals all: Ace is Gol D. Rodger's son!


And Whitebeard sneaks up into the middle of the action. War is about to erupt.

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