One Piece Vol 51: The 11 Supernovas -Hit him again

One Piece, Vol. 51: The Eleven Supernovas - Eiichiro Oda

Boy, this is one of the darkest section of One Piece; I never saw this coming. I love Luffy but I'm not sure he handled the last part right. We will just have to see.



Reread 10/22/2014


The closer they get to the New World, the more interesting things get. I like how the readers know more about Hatchi and we're already on his side. Very smart and works better as the Straw Hats change their minds.


Sabaody is an interesting place... (a few panels later) I hate it. Oda is amazing: One Piece is one of the most postive and hopeful manga series I've ever read but he's pulling some blinders off. We've already seen "justice" from the Navy is rarely such; now we see the poison is all the way at the heart of the World Government. Particularly when we learn about the Celestial Dragons. And the slaves they keep. I want them all to die. And I want Luffy to take them out personally. Because while I partially wish Luffy wouldn't pick a fight with the worst people possible, I cheer him every time he smashes that a-hole's face.



And I haven't even touched on the Supernovas. Things seem to have been speeding to this collision since...in some way Alubarna. Now we see that Luffy and his crew are not the only rookies taking on the Grand Line. There are eleven of them and all end up on Sabaody at the same time. We get to see their competition and some of them seem quite interesting. I can't wait to see them in action.