One Piece, Vol 49: Nightmare Luffy

One Piece, Vol. 49: Nightmare Luffy - Eiichiro Oda

I have to admit, though I don't much care for this arc, I like watching his crew try to fight Luffy.



Reread 2014


The end is in sight! I love some of the battles here: Usopp's because his is a step further towards courage and his dream. Nami and Lola's interaction is wonderful but what really stands out is the crew's battle against Oars/Luffy's shadow. It's been a bit since they've worked completely together and I love it. "Nightmare" Luffy though is scary and I'm kinda glad it's over quickly. I hate however seeing him use his "gears" fighting style; you can practically see him destroying himself. And the "real Gecko" Moria is ugly!