One Piece Vol 46: Thiller Bark! Hate the Zombies but love the Skeleton!

One Piece, Vol. 46: Adventure on Ghost Island - Eiichiro Oda

I do not really like the Thriller Bark mini Arc. I hate Zombies. Though I love Btook and I love The Thousand Sunny.

And Blackbeard is scary beyond all reason.





(Note: 10/21/2014)


Now that I've seen the anime up to this point, I've grown a bit fonder of this part of the story. And I'm in absolute love with Brook. I agree with what Luffy says in the next volume:


"Now I'm getting excited! He's a musician! He's a talking skeleton! He has an afro! He goes 'Yo Ho Ho!' And he's Laboon's friend! I'm going to make him join our crew even if I have to force him!"

Vol 47 Ch. 459