One Piece, Vol. 40: Gear - Eiichiro  Oda + The power levels of the CP9 guys are impressive but they're all going down.

+ I hate their three headed judge.

+ The Battles are exciting and yeah, 'Spanda' is a terrible megalomaniacal idiot. I am all astonished.

+ They are hurting the King Bulls. Take them out, all of them.

+ Wow, the Navy totally lied to the Elbath warriors to get them to work for them. I'm *totally* surprised. But Usopp got to find more Elbath warriors to befriend, so maybe it works out.

+ I'm totally hating the Ms. Golden Week miniseries, but I liked seeing Mr. Two 'somewhat' normal.

+ So the girl and puppet guy now have unknown Devil Fruit powers. That should be fun.

+ Wow, idiot (Spandam) really thinks a lot of himself. And the gold transponder snail looks cool, in a creepy sort of way. Wow, he's whiny and a coward. Please say he dies.

+ Gear Two? LOVE!!!! The steam is a nice touch too. Luffy, even more powerful. That's kinda scary. And he figured out their Sheer step. That's scary considering he's usually not the brightest bulb. And he shrugs off what it might be doing to his body because he's doing it to ensure he loses none of his crew. Ahhhhh. He's already defeated one CP9, but there's more to go.

+ Kororo's figured out about Luffy: "When the fight is over, the world will ring with the sound of that Straw Hat Boy's name."