One Piece, Vol. 37: Tom - Eiichiro  Oda + Wow, the Straw Hats get their butts handed to them.

+ How did Old Grandma know about what Iceberg was hiding?

+ Uh, Usopp knew the Merry Go was done for? What?

+ Klabautermann - so that was what we saw in Skypiea. That is awesome and said all at once.

+ I'm glad someone's finally said it is hard on the ship. Merry Go has protected them through everything and I bet she doesn't want to go but it's best for the crew. Usopp should take that into account.

+ Mega flashback here. I liked learning about Tom and we get know Franky a bit more so he isn't completely annoying...just mostly. The whole thing is very sad though, particularly with Franky being unable to build ships anymore because of what happened. Man, this does really make you like the Government even less, if that is possible.