One Piece, Vol. 36: The Ninth Justice - Eiichiro  Oda + I've been hating the chapter cover story over Vassal Gendatsu. But now they've linked it Alabasta and that is EPIC! Pel is back! *happy dance*

+ Luffy gets in to see Mr. Iceberg but he can't believe Nico Robin is involved and Iceberg basically rats him out.

+ Creepy old Grandma has some interesting back story, I think.

+ This Aqua Laguna seems...convenient.

+ ROBINNNN!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!

+ The Masked Assassins are creepy. And Door-Door Fruit. Really?

+ These ancient weapons must be something. Everyone is freaking terrified of them. The fact that the government wants them is scary beyond all reason.

+ PLUTON! Finally! Only what Crocodile wanted.

+ Uhhhhhh...the assassins are part of Iceberg's workers and his secretary? Wow, that stinks majorly.

+ I loved the one part: Assassin: You seem to mistrust the Government Mayor Iceberg.
Iceberg: I just know Human Nature, boy.
How true.

+ Franky is Cutty Flam and HE has the blueprints? What?