One Piece, Vol. 35: Captain - Eiichiro  Oda + Classic Luffy to not want to believe the truth. Merry Go is a part of the crew and he will do anything for his crew.

+ The three strong guys going to kick butt at the Frankyhouse is AWESOME!

+ The opening fight between Luffy and Usopp is classic for both of them. Usopp will not let go of Merry because (though he never says it) the girl he loves gave it to them. Luffy is angry to have to make this Captain choice (the first truly hard one he's had to make) and he takes it out on Usopp.

+ Usopp.

+ Merry is crying. I'm crying. This is so sad. Then Luffy beats him badly (though he knows he has to fight him) and gives him the ship. Yeah, wrench those heartstrings.

+ The best part of the book:
Luffy: This is too much!
Zolo: That's the burden of being captain. Don't doubt yourself. If YOU start becoming unsure ...who can we have faith in?

+ Mr. Iceberg has had an assassination attempt on his life.

+ Uhhhh. I think I'm blind. The guy in the speedo (Franky); I'm seasick from seeing too much. And he's a Cyborg?!

+ Nico Robin did it!? NOOOOOOOO! I don't believe it!

+ Of course the Straw Hats are blamed. Aren't they lucky?