One Piece, Vol. 34: The City of Water, Water Seven - Eiichiro  Oda + Hate Foxy pirates story.

+ Do like how Luffy chooses to take their Jolly Roger so that he can remember he fought for the elderly man whose horse was shot by them.

+ The Admiral guy was weird and I don't like that he's making me doubt Robin just as I've come to lover her. The Chilly-Chilly fruit is cool cuz it can freeze sea water but I hate that name.

+ A train that runs on the sea!!!!!????? They need to ride this! I love this so much!

+ A rabbit that says Meow...weirdly cute. And the old woman is...disturbing.

+ I love the fish that say Moo!!!!!!

+ Water Seven is beautiful! I love it. And very Venicey.

+ I hate CP9 and I have no idea who they are yet.

+ The Merry Go...is no more. *Sobs uncontrollably*