One Piece, Vol. 31: We'll Be Here - Eiichiro Oda + The LOOOOOOONG flashback concerning Kalgara and Noland's friendship is amazing. I like Noland a lot but I do think he could have handled messing with their beliefs a bit better without stomping on it. He might be right but he should have explained his understanding, which he obviously has, shown when he learns of the reason for the tribe's anger over the cutting down of their sacred trees. The deep connection, such that Kalgara would fight to the death to help his friend find him, and Noland's unwillingness to deny his friends' existence.

+ Wyper's deep affection for Kalgara and Noland's friendship completely changes how you see him. He cares about his ancestor's failed desire. He wishes to complete Kalgara's last wish so that he can reach Noland, or as he discovers, Noland's offspring.

+ Eneru's Kingdom Come attack is...horrifying.

+ Luffy continues to astound me. He is willing to put his life on the line in order to bring about a friend's dream. The bell will ring so that Cricket can finally end his diving; his adventure can be fulfilled.