One Piece, Vol.30: Capriccio - Eiichiro Oda + ACE!!!!!!!!! Love this chapter cover short story! Can't wait to see more about him.

+ Nami, Nami, Nami. Grrr.

+ You know, I hated those White Beret's; now I'm apparently suppose to like them. ...And I can't help but do, even after they all treat Conis so bad. (Though I'd like to hit a couple of them over that.)

+ Does anyone else hate the Ark's design? Anyone?

+ Luffy making the snake's eye blink...love it.

+ Luffy's anger over what happened to his crew and his first fight with Eneru is much better then his fight with Crocodile. I wonder if making him wait to attack his enemy was what made that so...unendurable. The fact that he, a lowly Paramythia type of devil fruit powered person, can stand up to Eneru's Logia version is great. Like Nami says, he's probably the one person who could fight the Lightning Man. I love the full page of Eneru's 'Oh Crap' face. Hilarious.

+ Finally, Nami. You might actually have a place on this crew after all.

+ I hate that gold ball thing on Luffy's arm. Really, really...loathing, hatred, get it off.

+ So Luffy's interested in the bell. Hummmmmm.

+ I'm so glad the Sky people go to warn the Shandians (Shandorians sounds so much better). It shows they aren't as big jerks as you thought they were.