One Piece, Vol. 29: Oratorio - Eiichiro  Oda + This book got the 5th star solely from Robin's fight with Yama, the Commander of Skypiea's Heavenly Warriors. She is awesome here and her whole 'I won't forgive you for destroying history' made me cheer her all the way. Course I understand why Nicholas Cage's character saves the Declaration of Independence over the life of his girlfriend too. Yeah, history geek.

+ Not a fan of Ohm and that whole fight, maybe because he almost kills Chopper.

+ Conis and Pagaya are back! I love them...hate that horn! I can still hear it from the anime. Die, die, die!

+ Ok, now I really hate Eneru; how dare you kill Pagaya! I love how Conis steps up and starts to kick butt though. She's a lot stronger then she thought she was.

+...And he kills the Sky Knight. Yeah, Eneru is going down now.

+ I love how all of Luffy's crew stand up and say, yeah right we're going with you...Nami. Yeah, stay at the bottom of my list with Usopp. (Know it's in the next book, but you can totally see it coming.)

+ When did Wyper become basically a good guy? That totally snuck up on me.

+ ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!