One Piece, Vol. 25: The 100 Million Berry Man - Eiichiro  Oda I really like this volume, mostly cuz I love Mont Blac Noland and his story. I also like Cricket a lot and love how he gets along with the group.

The whole South Bird thing is annoying. I hate every minute of it.

I really like Luffy going after Bellhamy because it shows what he is willing to do for his friends, up to potentially sacrificing his his dreams for them. Being his friend is a great place to be because he will fight absolutely for you. He might be wearying at times but I think he makes up for it at these moments.

BLACKBEARD!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I couldn't like him. I hope when Luffy gets back he'll beat him up and help his brother avenge the men this turncoat killed.