One Piece, Vol. 23: Vivi's Adventure - Eiichiro Oda The way they get into the clock tower...grrr.

Pell *sobs quietly*, oh my gosh I knew it was coming and I still cried! I love that character so much and THAT happens!

I will admit, one of my favorite Luffy moments is when he's fighting Crocodile with his poisoned hook and he screams, "I don't want Vivi to die!" While he might care about the country, it is for his friend he risks his life. Love it.

The end of the fighting is a bit forced but not bad. I also love the king carrying Luffy on his back. Luffy carried the safety of the country for much of his time on the island and the king is acknowledging it.

HINA!!!! Wow, I hope we learn more about her.

I love Tashigi when she forbids the Marines from capturing the pirates after they collapsed. She and Smoker are the few Marines that show true Justice in this series so far. And when Smoker tells the World Government to shove their 'awards' for 'their' capture of Crocodile...I love these two so much!

Vivi's farewell and the Straw Hat's protection of her from Marine reprisal is so touching. I actually teared up. It just goes to show how often unpiraty they act.