Castle Waiting - Linda Medley, Jane Yolen This is my second time reading this book. I like it, but at times it's almost despite itself.

The illustrations are good, the off kilter look at well known fairy tales is more familiar to us now then it perhaps was when the comics were first coming out but the author's take holds up very well, and the stories within the larger story allows the reader to not become bored but rather look forward to something new almost every time. The characters are engaging and I actually like how many of the women are more proactive then they generally are in fairy tales.

So why do I always have a caveat with this book.

It's because, like another reviewer pointed out in a great review of this book, it feels preachy. Not all the time, sometimes you are able to get lost in the story; but all too often you read this and can almost hear the author firmly suggesting 'Get the point. See? Here. And here. Got it? Are you sure? Here, lets give it to you again.'

I've got no problem with you weaving your point of view into your text; as a writer you basically have to. I simply have issues when you make sure its as subtle as a brick to the face in case someone doesn't get it. The author didn't need to do that, she is obviously a great writer when you consider the rest of the text and I've always found subtlety to be a much stronger argument then screaming in the face of the reader.

So, I recommend this book. It's a fun read and I have enjoyed it both times I've read it. I simply think it could have been far better with more story and less preachiness.

But, as with all reviews, that is simply my opinion.