One Piece: Baroque Works (Vol. 13-14-15): Alabasta. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Baroque Works 13-14-15 - Eiichiro Oda

*5 Stars*

Scorecard: (Out of 10)
* Quality of Writing - 9
* Pace - 9
* Plot development - 8
* Characters - 10
* Enjoyability - 9
* Insightfulness - 9
* Ease of Reading - 10
* Photos/Illustrations - 10
Final Score: 74/80 = 93%

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*WARNING: Two things. One, I have not read the first 6 volumes of the manga though I have seen the anime through the corresponding stories. As I get the first two volumes, I will add them. Two, I know these are three separate volumes and I would usually break them up into their corresponding separate books. However, as this is the only way I've read them; I will treat them as the ones I'm used to.

*The Gush*

Another great 3-in-1 volume heading into the Alabasta Arc (and it is an arc-sooo long), with lots of fighting, many new Devil Fruit powers, and their new crewmember really comes into her own.

My favorite part of this volume is 14, where the team goes to Little Garden. The baddies they fight and particularly the Devil Fruit powers they have, was one of my favorite parts of the anime and the manga was just as great.

Volume 15 leaves you once again at a cliffhanger as the crew make their way through Drum Island as the former King Wapol returns ready to attack them and his subjects!

The characters continue to grow, with Vivi teaching several of them things about themselves. My favorite scene is on the ship where Vivi stops Luffy from attacking the villagers of Drum Island when they refuse to help Nami. She calls him out on being a terrible Captain and that he can’t always solve his problems with his fist. A wonderful moment where you see Luffy realize for a moment what he should be and what he is not. This is also a time to remember why you love Nami. Often times I get fed up with her as she is very mercenary and doesn’t seem to care about others. And yet there are times she does and those are some of her best characters moments.

The new characters introduced in this Omnibus version are some of my favorite in the series so far. The two fighters on Little Garden, the main people on Drum Island, and even the new members of Baroque Works are interesting and fun to watch as they are pitted against the Straw Hat Pirates.


*The Rant*

Nothing really here except I don’t have the next volume and can’t wait until early June to get it!



Another great addition to the series, the Straw Hat Pirates are finally starting to get into some fun stuff as they make their way through the Grand Line!