The Sword of Camelot - Gilbert Morris *4 Stars*

My review of the First Volume of the Series where I talk mostly about the series as a whole.

Review of the Second Volume

*The Gush*
This is one of my favorite books in the series. Who can resist knights, Camelot, Dragons, and sword fighting adventure?

As stated before, each of the Seven Sleepers gets a book to shine in as well as learn and grown in. In this book, is Reb's (Bob Lee Jackson) turn to take front stage as his former life around horses gives him a huge leg up over his fellow travelers. He takes to jousting and other knight warfare like a duck takes to water (sorry, couldn't resist) and soon becomes the King's favorite. But Pride goes before a fall, especially when you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord attempting to destroy the kingdom you've been sent to save. Reb has some lessons to be learned and like most lessons that count, it's one of the harder ones.

This is one of the best written of the books as well, flowing well and never really lagging at any point. A solid piece of work about one of my favorite Seven Sleepers.

*The Rant*
Not a rant per say but the way the dragon is slain is RATHER reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings. Think Éowyn and the prophecy and you've basically got the plot point. I'm not saying it was a bad choice and one would hope that parents would use this book wheels so to speak for Narnia and Middle Earth, but it was a bit...blatant. Still, I love the character he used so I can't really be too against it because it made her even cooler then she was.

If the first or second books didn't scare you off, this might well become your favorite of the series. A good solid addition, it has some of the best character development not to mention exciting action sequences.