One Piece: East Blue (Vol 10-11-12): Finally! The Grand Line!

East Blue 10-11-12 - Eiichiro Oda

*5 Stars*

My Review of East Blue One Piece: Vols 7-9 Please see for how I got into the series, etc.

Scorecard: (Out of 10)
* Quality of Writing - 9
* Pace - 10
* Plot development - 10
* Characters - 10
* Enjoyability - 10
* Insightfulness - 10
* Ease of Reading - 10
* Photos/Illustrations - 10
Final Score: 79/80 = 99%

*WARNING:Two things. One, I have not read the first 6 volumes of the manga though I have seen the anime through the corresponding stories. As I get the first two volumes, I will add them. Two, I know these are three separate volumes and I would usually break them up into their corresponding separate books. However, as this is the only way I've read them; I will treat them as the ones I'm use to.

*The Gush*

Volume 10-part of 11 concludes the Truth about Nami story while the rest of 11 and 12 follows our heroes to 'Rogue Town' (or Logue Town if you watch the Anime) and onto the GRAND LINE!

Much of what I stated for the 3-in-1 volume before applies to this volume as well. The writing and the drawings are phenomenal and the characters engaging and very human. There are plenty of battle scenes for those who want to see action, there are new places to be explored, old enemies return to have their revenge, new nemeses come into play, and new questions that have no answer in sight are laid out in front of you. A wonderful but frustrating set of volumes as the questions continue to pile up and the Grand Line seems to be the place to find them. However long that will take.

I rated this a bit higher then the other because the sections of the stories within this volume have some of the best flow, explanations, new characters, and plot development I've seen so far.

What little of the Grand Line we see in this just makes me more excited to see this wonderful but scary place that has been built up as we traveled the East Blue.


*The Rant*

My rant from the previous review holds true here. Very little else here, as this is a Right to Left read book, and the 3-in-1 is a money saver when you compare to buying 3 separate volumes.



If you've read this far, this volume will not make you sorry you have. Instead, it merely pushes you to pick up the next one because we're left with a cliff hanger. This is a fun series with insightful information and thought provoking plots. One of the great manga series.