The Cloud Book - Tomie dePaola Most children don't really want to learn anything, mostly because learning has always seemed boring to them. This book, along with others in my childhood, showed me that learning could be just as much fun as reading books solely for fun.

The information packed in this book might be as educational to the parents as to the children. The three main types of clouds are taught, along with wonderful illustrations that help to show just what each type of cloud looks like. He then goes on to show the different combinations that can come out of the three main types. Each likewise comes with an illustration to aid in identification.

That is not to say that this part is boring. The little explanations and asides that pepper the text are hilarious, such as comparing a type of cloud to a cauliflower or showing a real snake instead of a boa cloud.

Myths about clouds as well as old fashion sayings concerning weather are talked about and illustrated.

My favorite part however is the very silly cloud story. It is only four frames but it is funny and a great ending for the book.

I recommend this book to any teacher or even parents and their children. A fun book that also teaches a lot about clouds, it is made even better by Tomie dePaola's wonderfully cute illustrations.