That New Baby (Golden Storytime Book) - Patricia Relf, Dyanne Disalvo I'm assuming my parents bought this for me when my brother was born three years after me because it fits rather perfectly of the older sister with the baby brother. However, I do know it got a lot of use for the both of us when my sister came three years after that.

I've always loved this story. I never remember really feelings like Elizabeth did but I could understand why another child might feel that way. My favorite parts were always the things she did with her dad, just the two of them. It seemed to me to not be as bad as she was making out.

Yesterday though, I did love the race track in the crib. That is something any older child might do, not thinking that the younger child might be hurt. I think I also liked this book because the girl wasn't just playing with dolls but had a race track and was obviously not extremely girly. As someone who kept her head in a book (though I liked playing with dolls) and was not 'girly', I liked this a lot.

All in all, a cute little story that might go a long way if used properly to help older sibling understand that a new baby does not mean they are loved less or that they will not get any time with a parent.