Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Judi Barrett, Ron Barrett Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS BOOK!

I think I checked it out from the library when I was in middle school because I thought it was a crazy title and had to see what the story was like. I proceeded to read it every day before we had to return it.

This story is one of the most imaginative, crazy, and fun children's books I've ever read. It still surprises me that it never won a award, which just goes to show that awards aren't everything. This is a must read for any child and any parent as well.

I love how the illustrations are not terribly cartoony but the colors are muted, nearly food colors which add a lot to the story. There is no real main character or anything, instead the idea, the town, and the weather are the characters, the conflict, the plot...everything in this book.

If by some strange happenstance you have yet to read this book, go and check it out of the library right now.

You won't regret it.