Bill and Pete - Tomie dePaola I don't know where I got this book because I had never read it before last night. A fact that surprised me because it was such a fun, enjoyable read!

As stated in other reviews, I love Tomie dePaola's work. This was no different, a book with simplistic yet beautiful illustrations and a funny, cute story that made me sad when I reached the end because I wanted to know about Bill and Pete!

Bill or William Everett is a young crocodile who lives on the Nile and gets a 'toothbrush' or a bird named Pete before he goes to crocodile school. They become friends and Pete helps him learn as well as becomes his friend. One of my favorite parts, though it was so sad, was William Everett's attempts to spell his long name while all the other kids with names like Sam and Kay, etc. and how Pete helped him. I was fortunate to have a easy name but my two siblings were less fortunate. I always felt that was unfair to them and to other children who worked so hard to learn their names while people like Jim and Bob and others took no time at all.

The major conflict as well as resolution had even me worried and quickly reading in order to find out our two characters would be all right.

This is a fun book that both parents and children will enjoy reading together. It might be a good choice for a child who has a hard name to write and is experiencing difficulties learning how to write it.