Gates of Neptune (Seven Sleepers Series #2) - Morris *3 Stars*

My review of the First Volume of the Series where I talk mostly about the series as a whole.

Perhaps a bit stronger then the first book because it doesn't suffer from Introduction Syndrome. All Seven Sleepers are here with Sarah being the Sleeper focused on. She makes both good and bad choices and learns and grows from those choices. The new characters are interesting and the setting is incredible.

The underwater city of Atlantis (shocking, I know) has been a haven from the Sanhedrin for years but at last the bad guys have a foothold and Goél sends the children to combat the evil that has befallen the kingdom.

What makes this story cool is the underwater aspect. How the people live and work in such an anti-human environment is really neat. And riding dolphins and sharks for transportation...super cool.

We also finally see the REALLY BIG BAD who wouldn't seem such when this was written (cuz this was written first) but he does physically remind me of Voldemort...only eviler. His name is Lord Necros (LOL).

If you read the first book and didn't hate it, I'd go on and read this.