In the Night Kitchen - Maurice Sendak I'm not going to do my full out review for this book. I can't. Many reviews argue either for or against this book because of what the artist chose to put in it as well as what they read into it.

I can't do that. Here's why.

This was, hands down, my favorite book as a child for more years then I can count. It was bought for me by an aunt and I read it until the binding just about gave out. I loved it. I love the crazy dream, I loved the drawings, I loved the rhyming; I loved it all. It was not until post-college that I found out this book was controversial. I was shocked! What could possibly bother anybody about a child's dream? Then I read it and realized...the little boy was naked. Ok. You know...that never crossed my mind when I was reading this. Ever. My parents read this to me...and they never made a big deal of it. And they were by most people's standards EXTREMELY strict about what we watched, read, etc. I didn't see a PG rated movie until I was 13. But they read this to me and had no problem that they ever talked to me about.

See, I saw this as MY book. I had (and have) wild, crazy dreams every single night that leave me more tired then when I went to sleep. When I was small, I read this and thought 'Hey, others have these extremely crazy dreams too; ones that feel so real and crazy things that couldn't possibly happen, happen.' I loved Mickey because I felt he understood. While I have never had a naked dream (cliche dreams seem to give me a wide breadth), I can't condemn anyone for what their mind visits upon them at night.

I think if you make a big deal about it, kids will make a big deal of it. Also realize, this was written in a world with no internet-with all the scariness that that now entails.

I also want to point out that I loved this and can't stand Where the Wild Things Are. I thought it was stupid when I was a kid. Maybe because I couldn't imagine a kid acting so ugly to their parents. I don't know.

P.S. The cooks always seemed more like Laurel from Laurel and Hardy movies then anyone else. Just saying.