Star Trek: Movie Adaptation (Star Trek IDW) - Watch out! The Doctor Who disease has infected this!

Star Trek: Movie Adaptation (Star Trek - Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Mike Johnson, David Messina

3.35 Stars

I wanted to like this and I do because it basically is the script of the movie with a few deleted scenes (wrongly deleted I believe) added in. In that respect, I really enjoyed it. It was in the illustrations I have some issues.

The Gush


The fact that the story kept in a few of the deleted scenes (mainly Spock's birth and what took place before Kirk drove the car over the cliff) made its text close to perfect. The rest is straight dialogue from the movie and it is divided up very well. Reading it after reading the other books in the set really solidified how they all worked together.


The Rant

Ok, after the previous two books in the set, I was expecting a lot, I'll admit that. In the others, the artwork was as close to perfect as possible. However, almost as soon as I opened the book, I could see the artwork was simply not as accurate in this as in others. Now I realize that this is much longer and there was much more to illustrate, but some characters were completely unrecognizable.

Below is a brief synopsis of their hit and miss on characters:

George Kirk: Completely unrecognizable (except in one frame where the person is suppose to be Jim Kirk and he looked exactly like the actor that played George Kirk - crazy!)
Spock: Nailed perfectly almost every time.
Spock Prime: A few frame were good, but mostly close but no cigar.
Pike: Once he looked like his actor, the rest he was completely unrecognizable.
Jim Kirk: Pretty good in a few frames, mostly very generic.
Bones: Average
Scotty: Surprisingly gotten right a large part of the time.
Amanda Greyson: Not even close.

Those are just a few, but they illustrate the main problem with this comic book. It is a good comic but it is not a great comic.



If you liked the movie, I would read it. However, I would suggest others in the series if you were ambivalent to the movie and want to learn more about it.