Bleach, Vol. 06: The Death Trilogy Overture - Tite Kubo *5 Stars*

Review of Bleach Volume 1

Review of Bleach Volume 5 (contains the character blurb for an important person talked about in this volume)

description Yoruichi - A strange cat that talks! He seems to know Urahara well and offers to train certain characters in their new powers. There has to be more to him then there appears.

*The Gush*
One of the most interesting of the early volumes, bar none. Uryu and Ichigo's battle, along with a near disastrous encounter with a Hollow neither has seen before, makes this a very exciting read. We get more hints concerning the mysterious Hat and Clogs as well as learn that all might not be well between Rukia and the Soul Society. This last will lead to what becomes the first major arc of the series. Character development also abounds in this volume.

*The Rant*
Only problem is the cliff hanger. Have Volume 7 handy!

If you're read this far, you're in for the long haul. Still, this is one that really shows you how cool this series can be. Deep yet also action packed, there are also tantalizing mysteries that keep you reading. Hurry on to the next one!