Bleach, Vol. 05: Right Arm of the Giant - Tite Kubo *5 Stars*

Review of Volume 1

New Character of Interest:

description Uryu Ishida - A fellow classmate of Ichigo's, he revels that he is a Quincy, a group of humans that are able to use spiritual pressure to destroy Hollows. Angry at the Soul Society for a personal loss, he challenges the substitute Soul Reaper to a contest, putting the whole of Karakura Town at risk.

*The Gush*
This is an action-packed volume. Urahara returns with his seemingly endless fount of knowledge, while Chad gets pulled into the world of the Hollows again, this time with Ichigo's young sister. Their battles leads to some interesting plot possibilities with the stoic teenager. The second half concerns Orihime and Tatsuki, with some interesting plot twists for our young friend. Both of these characters go through some interesting things in this volume, giving them the chance to shine really for the first time.

*The Rant*
Very little in this volume. A well paced, plot driven, character developing volume. One that every manga reader hopes the next book they pick up is.

If you've made it this far, this will remind you of why you're reading this series. Make sure Volume 6 is close at hand and get read for more excitement!