Bleach: v. 4 - Tite Kubo *4 Stars*

Review of Volume 1

description Don Kanonji - A media spiritualist who arrives in Karakura town and brings nothing but headaches to our substitute Soul Reaper.

*The Gush*
This novel contains a small, one chapter story, a short filler story, and the start of a longer story which briefly nods to a new character coming up in the next volume. All of this is not to diminish what goes on in this book; Ichigo learns and grows during the filler story as well as meets an annoyance who will pop up again and again. Kon is highlighted in the first story, and it is pretty fun. The last part makes you want to immediately pick up Volume and 5 and find out what will happen next.

*The Rant*
Nothing specific here. This comes close to a throw away volume but it is early enough in the series that you can still learn about characters from stories like this. This is nothing like Inuyasha where in volume 20 you're reading the same plot you were in volume 4.

Read this...but have volume 5 close at hand.