Bleach Vol 3 - Oh good, backstory

Bleach: v. 3 - Tite Kubo

*5 Stars*

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A few new characters we've gotten to know in this volume (for others see my previous two reviews):






description Tatsuki Arisawa - A classmate of Ichigo's, she's known him since he was four, training at the same dojo as her. She is one of the only classmates who knows how much the death of his mother has affected him. She is best friends with Orihime.



description Orihime Inoue - Another classmate of Ichigo's, she seems to be drawn to his location and be hyper aware of his moods. We got to know her fairly well in the first volume when her brother, who'd been turned into a Hollow, attacked her and Tatsuki. She is very reminiscent of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, kind of crazy off but sweet and seeing far more than others.

description description Masaki and Isshin Kurosaki - Ichigo's parents. Masaki was killed protecting her nine year old son; Ichigo finding out in this volume it was by a Hollow. Isshin is...crazy. He runs a clinic in town, has no spiritual abilities - unlike at least two of his children, and acts completely insane. There are a few times he hints at a serious side, but they are gone rather swiftly.


*The Gush*

This volume covers Ichigo's battle with the Hollow, Kingfisher. This is the Hollow that killed his mother and is now once again targeting his family. This is the highest powered one he's fought yet, and it shows in the battle. You really start to understand Ichigo's gruff exterior, as well as what he's hiding beneath it. One of the best of the early volumes of the manga, this is basic Bleach manga: action-filled, emotion driven, and character changing. Isshin's talk at the end of the volume is one of the best scenes between the father and his son.

*The Rant*

Not much in this. The death of a parent might be upsetting to some as well as the fact that this is one of the bloodier battles to date in the manga. One of the best things about Tite Kubo is that while there is blood, his scenes are never grisly.



Another good volume, indeed one of the best in the early volumes. Definitely one to send you on to the next volume.