Bleach Vol 2 - These Hollows seem to be like the Energizer Bunny

Bleach Volume 02: Goodbye Parakeet, Good Night My Sister - Tite Kubo

*4.44 Stars*

Review of Bleach Volume 1


As stated in the above review, my sister dropped this series in my lap, and then promptly left for other series, leaving me completely addicted to this thing. *Sigh* For an introduction to the series as well as to the two main character, I suggest checking out my review of the previous volume.

The volume is a continuation of a story from the previous volume as well as another story that introduces another recurring character. These are early stories with the Hollows quickly defeated and Ichigo (and through him the reader) is introduced to various aspects of this mysterious Soul Society.

Three characters that will come to play key roles are really introduced in this volume:

description1) Yasatora "Chad" Sado - A fellow classmate of Ichigo, who is the only one who can call him Chad, he first becomes involved with Soul Reaper stuff when he adopts a parakeet that houses the soul of a young boy being stalked by a Hollow. He ends up helping Rukia to fight the creature until Ichigo can return, interesting when you realize that a normal human should not be able to even touch one but he can punch it. He just can't see it...yet.

description 2. Kisuke Urahara - A shady shop owner who knows who Rukia truly is and has connections to the Soul Society. He seems to know more than he's telling and his cane has the same ability to release a soul from the body, like Rukia's glove.


description 3. 'Kon' - Though he doesn't have the name yet, this is where the reader is really introduced to this mod soul who is given a chance to hijack Ichigo's body while he was acting as a Soul Reaper. Mod Souls were outlawed and destroyed by the Soul Society, the very people that created them, and Kon has spent many years in fear of being discovered. When Ichigo hears his story as well as the fact that he believes that no one has the right to kill another living being - after all, isn't a Mod Soul one? - he and Rukia protect Kon and now have to figure out what to do with him.

A good continuation of the first volume and it wets your appetite for more.


*The Rant*

The only real thing (other then the length of the entire series) that is problematic about this volume is the Hollow in the Parakeet mini arc. The Hollow chasing him was a serial killer who talks about enjoying cutting up people and makes some kinda sick comments. It is a bit disturbing. When defeated, he is set to Hell which is also very disturbing and might not be appropriate for younger readers. This series at times really earns its Teen rating.



If the first volume wasn't enough to peak your interest, this should grab it enough to hold your interest enough to see just where this series is going to go. I can promise, it's a wild ride.