Star Wars: A New Hope Vol 2 (Manga) - More of a good thing

Star Wars: A New Hope, Vol. 2 - Hisao Tamaki

*3.9 Stars*

**Warning: I'm assuming everyone who wants to read this and other reviews in the series has at least seen A New Hope once. Therefore, I will not be hiding any "spoilers".**

Review of Star Wars: A New Hope Vol. 1

*The Gush*

Basically a reiteration of what I said in the above review. The dialogue is straight from the movie as well as the artwork based on the corresponding scenes. There are some truly beautiful establishing well as some that are rather horrifying. During the destruction of Alderaan, there is a frame where you can see a large group of people crying out as the beam is shooting behind the frame to reach the planet on the next page. Next comes a two page spread with the impact crater on one side and the planet breaking up on the other. The stillness of the shots is more haunting as the scene flies by in the movie. Being able to see it basically in depth is...chilling.

And yet there is much humor as well. Han Solo has shown up and once again, steals the show (well, he IS a scoundrel!). His laughing at Luke during the whole feeling the Force lightsaber practice as well as his reactions in the added scene of Jabba in the Millennium Falcon's hanger (thankfully without the stepping on his tale part) are wonderfully in character. I think my favorite character in the Manga style has to be Chewbacca though. He is in turns scary beyond all reason or incredibly cute and funny. When his eyes widen in surprise, I laugh every time - you just have to see it to believe it.


*The Rant*

See the review for the previous volume to see my reasons for not giving this the full 5 stars.




My statement in the first review stands. If you are a fan of Star Wars or manga, this is a must read. If you don't like either one...there are plenty of other books out there.