Star Trek: Nero (Star Trek IDW) - Where has this been?!

Star Trek: Nero (Star Trek (IDW)) - Mike Johnson;Tim Jones

5 Stars


Another of IDW's excellent Star Trek comics (one must wonder why these are so well drawn as well as written and the Doctor Who ones can't seem to draw Amy or sometimes even the Doctor right) and another one that answers questions the movie raised.


The Gush

After reading Countdown, I was ready for this to further explain why Nero came to be the man we saw on the big screen. Once again, I was not disappointed. This graphic novel starts directly after the Kelvin disaster. You see the damage Jim Kirk's dad caused, you see the crew captured by Klingons, you see their suffering in Rura Pente, you see his hate harden and crystallize until it is all consuming. The twist after their escape from the Klingon prison was shocking and very interesting. I love how they are really trying to tie things in from the 'prime' universe without losing the newness and infinite possibilities of this new universe. The ending is simply heartbreaking. A wonderful story perfectly told with both text and drawings, this is a must read for anyone who watched the movie.


The Rant

Nothing really; a well put together comic.



This is a must for any Star Trek fan who saw the movie, particularly fans of the AOS (Alternate Original Series).