Star Trek: Countdown (Star Trek IDW) - The Bridge between Prime universe and the AU one!

Star Trek: Countdown - Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Mike Johnson, Tim Jones, David Messina, Giovanni Niro, J.J. Abrams

5 Stars


I've been reading the IDW Star Trek AOS comic series and had long wanted to go back and read the books released around the movie's release. Having finally got a chance, I can say it's well worth the wait. This is an excellent prequel to the film and really sets the stage of where and when Nero came from.


The Gush

I don't know which makes this better: seeing Nero pre-Romulus destruction, seeing Spock work so hard to once again save the universe, or seeing so many old friends from Next Gen. The story is well thought out and well executed with both text and drawings. The characters sound very like themselves, even as they sound older and perhaps wiser. Nero is greatly developed in this and you really come to understand how he could say he sought an honest living and yet ended up doing unspeakable horrors. You watch the beginnings of his decent into madness and you can see the road before him. The explanations this gives are far better than even the novel adaptation of the movie, which really clinched my love for this graphic novel. Why the Narada is so powerful and why it looks the way it does, where the Jellyfish came from, how Nero knew how to use the Red Matter, and how Spock seemed to know so much about the enemy; it was all explained and fit in perfectly with the movie.


The Rant

There's nothing really that I can think of to go here.



If you loved the movie, read this. If you liked it but weren't satisfied with just the movie, read this. If you wanted to like it but it wasn't really Star Trek to you, read this cuz it really ties the original universe to the new one.