Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life (DW IDW) - Odd but fun

Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life - Matthew Sturges, Kelly Yates, Brian Shearer

4 Stars

The Gush

A great little story set in a medieval fantasy our long time future. Only Doctor Who. The story is well paced with plenty of things going on and the suspense of if Amy is going to make it or not.

The two characters are great with plenty of snarky interactions that make them a great team. All in all, I liked it even better than the last one I read.

The art is significantly better than As Time Goes By but I have to say I prefer the artwork by Mark Buckingham for the covers of the comics then the comic drawings themselves.


The Rant

Other than the above, there was little I can complain about. A well put together story.



If you are Doctor Who fan or a comic lover, this is one to check out.