Doctor Who II Vol 4: As Time Goes By - Unique and fun

Doctor Who II, Volume 4: As Time Goes by - Joshua Hale Fialkov

4 Stars


Ah! My first review of the new year...and my first chance to read a printed book in months. Thanks to a swollen optic nerve, I've been effectively blind until now. I thought I'd start with something that had few words and lots of big pictures and this fit the bill nicely.


The Gush

I love Doctor Who and particularly love the new comics which, thanks to my brother, I get a chance to read. I wanted to read this the moment I laid eyes on the cover-the nostalgia factor alone made it irresistible. Then I find out it's set in Casablanca (read that in any way you want ;P) and I was sold...except, well read below.

The story was good, though a bit fast paced. Rory at first seems to be sidelined but he ends up discovering their first clue to the larger picture. Nazi friendly Casablanca is wonderfully rendered, with a few friends old movie buffs might recognize. They appear only briefly, their story belonging elsewhere, but they are there for one who knows to see. For someone who is unfamiliar with the movie, they would appear as strange people and one would wonder why they are focusing on them. The Captain however, takes front and certain in this...and I would never have recognized him if I wasn't acquainted with the movie. More on that later.

The three beloved characters are very much as we always see them, with very little development among them this time. The search for a fez that leads them here is a wonderful touch but the characters basically do what they do every episodes. The best part is the Doctor at the end talking to the scientist (you'll know who he is) and their conversation.


The Rant

I have to say, I come close to hating the art. The faces are blocky to the point where they are almost unrecognizable. Also, if you don't know the movie Casablanca at all, you might be lost. Still, a decent comic and one I will want to revisit.



If you are big 11th Doctor and Amy/Rory fan, read this. If you also happen to loved the movie Casablanca-this is what you have been waiting for. Otherwise, might not be your cup of tea.