The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses - I just don't get why people like this book

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses - Paul Goble

As it has been years since I read this book, this will be an incomplete review.

I understand that my opinion is not the norm, but I did not like this book near as much as I thought I would. The illustrations are amazing and probably do deserve the award. Native American myths are usually interesting and entertaining for young children...but I felt that the way the myth was presented negated much of the entertainment value. I frankly found this boring. You never got a chance to relate with the main character and the illustrations, while beautiful, did not work with the words but beside them. It is a hard concept to explain but it does happen. I've seen books where the pictures made the words better, they made the words worse, I've seen where the two blend together, fight each other, or merely sit there side by side and do nothing for each other. That is what felt like was happening here. The fact that both were done by the same person makes this harder to believe because I've tended to find picture books that do that have a different writer than artist and their parts don't mesh.

The thing is, I really expected to like this book...and didn't. A great idea that just doesn't seem to work in execution.