Mr. Darcy's Diary - Nothing exciting but still worth a read

Mr. Darcy's Diary - Amanda Grange

*3 Stars*

*The Gush*

Perhaps this stands out to me because this is one of the first P&P rewrites I read but I quite like this book. The chance to see the events of the novel from the closed mouth Mr. Darcy's POV is something no fan can truthfully say they haven't wished for. While I'm not a huge fan of diary-style books, the placing of key events both before and after as well as a chance to glimpse his times away from Lizzy really works well.



All essentially the same, though some, particularly Darcy, are given a chance to show the hidden reasons for some of their actions.



The same as the original novel except for a few scenes before and after and all are from Darcy's perspective. As the story is set up in diary entries, we not only see his view of events, reasons behind his actions, and his speculations of the hows and whys of those around him, but we also have a time table for the events. This helped me, as I had never before been entirely clear on the passage of time. In the novel, it seems to happen so quickly as we are reading it but months can go by between instances and here we see how Darcy struggles to accept his love of Elizabeth and then struggles in the aftermath of her rejection. It is a very interesting and much hoped for POV.



While the idea for the book is sound, the writing is...less so. On the positive side, the writing flows well and this is the only diary form novel I've ever been able to read. It is a good read, an easy read, but not necessarily a great read.


*The Rant*

My main complaint is the lack of proper tone in the writing. By which I mean that the 'voice' of the story does not sound correct to the time period. While the writer does try, she does not really succeed. This is very hard to do, I understand that, but it is something that is lacking in this version. It also has the disadvantage of being almost too easy. After awhile, the form, the way things are presented, etc. all come out sounding like '1st this happened, then this, then they said that, and I thought that'...and so on. I dislike comparing books to each other because I find it unfair to both the author and the books themselves, but one should, if the idea of Pride and Prejudice from Darcy's POV appeals to them, read Darcy's Story. It reads much more like a contemporary of Austen's story and goes much deeper.



While not the best version of Darcy's side of the story, this is a very decent romp through the man's situation, thoughts, and actions which leads to a better understanding of why he might have acted as he did in P&P. The format of the diary lends one to feel they are merely reading over his shoulder as events take place. It does have its problems, but it is well worth a read by Pride and Prejudice fans who want a little more.

Note: Might appeal more to people with an understanding of fan fiction.