One Piece, Vol. 39: Scramble - Eiichiro  Oda + I love Nami's new climate baton. Dials are awesome!

+ Smart to let the cars with enemies go...but won't that get in Rocketman's way?

+ I. Hate. Wanze. 'Nough said.

+ Nero the novice CP9 'weasel' guy is dumb. Why is he even in here? And Franky's centaur leg thing? Lame.

+ Is it just me or is Usopp acting braver? Boy, he sure does understand Luffy. I wonder if that's cuz he's had time to think.

+ Zolo is awesome. Also I found Panda man on my own for the first time EVER!

+ I loved Zolo here: "I'm sure your burden of Justice is heavy...but we're carrying some burdens of our own."

+ I also hate Sumo Frog.

+ "Pirate can't leave their crew without the captain's permission!!! So Robin, have faith in Luffy!" Love.

+ I'm going to hate the Buster Call, aren't I? And those...so and sos used her worse nightmare against her. Kill them all, guys.

+ Ennies Lobby is beautifully created but I'm going to not like what happens here.

+ Kumadori makes me...uncomfortable.

+ And Luffy cuts a swath through the ranks. Go future Pirate King!

+ ...I think those are Elbath warriors guarding the gates. I miss Dorry and the other guy!

+ Luffy's surrounded by a decent sized army. I feel bad for the army.