One Piece, Vol. 32: Love Song - Eiichiro  Oda + The end of the Skypiea Arc.

+ Wyper crying because he learns they will be able to fulfill Kalgara's wish to his decedent is wonderful. I love how Robin explains that their captain is a romantic.

+ Luffy might not know how he defeated Eneru's final attack, but it certainly was impressive.

+ I like how the manga handled the balloon octopus vs. the anime. The anime made it seem that the people of Skypiea had sent people to their deaths without knowing and that was depressing.

+ The shadow that tells Cricket and the Monkeys who rang the bell for them is awesome.

+ Lightning and Thunder need air to work; wouldn't Eneru perish once he hit space?

+ So Roger is involved with the whole history of the world/Nico Robin thing. *Eyebrow quirk* Fascinating.

+ Bellamy and big knife guy are connected to Don Flamingo? That's...scary.

+ The LOOOOONG, weird island they find is...interesting. I already hate the Foxy pirates and their stupid challenge and it hasn't started yet.