Bleach, Vol. 08: The Blade and Me - Tite Kubo *5 Stars*

My review of Bleach Volume 1 Here I discuss the series as a whole.

Review of Volume 7
Please check out my other reviews of Bleach volumes for brief info on characters you should know that crop up as well as to better understand the series as a whole.

Characters You Should Know

description Tessai Tsukabishi - At times subordinate and others forceful and knowledgeable, his role at the store is not clear. He appears to be freakishly strong and have certain Soul Reaper powers.

description Jinta Hanakari - A young boy who does odd jobs around the shop and acts badly; why does Urahara keep him around? However, also freakishly strong.

description Ururu Tsumagiya - A young girl who works around the shop, she's quiet and seems shy but her kicks are insanely strong and she can be quite scary at times.

One of my favorite volumes for two reasons. One is we finally get to meet Ichigo's sword. I won't spoil anything but I think having personifications of their zanpakuto's is awesome! The second is what happens to Ichigo in Shattered Shaft. This sets up a plot point that dogs our hero throughout all the series I know of. Several other important hints get dropped and we get some last moments with our Karakura crowd. Then it's time for our heroes to set out. Soul Society, we're on our way!

Hopefully if you've made it this far, you're in for the long haul. A solid volume with the bonus of seeing Urahara do more then seem mysterious!