Bleach, Vol. 09: Fourteen Days for Conspiracy - Tite Kubo *4 Stars*

My Review of Bleach Volume 1 Where I discuss the series as a whole.

Review of Volume 8
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A solid volume in which we finally gain entrance to the Soul Society and begin the Rescue of Rukia! (I somehow just heard that in Kon's voice from the anime! Crazy!) A great battle starts this new setting off right as well as an early look at the potential power of a Captain Soul Reaper.

The new characters introduced are so so in my mind. The gate keeper is cool but a certain ruffin and his band get on my nerves every time they appear. He's not a bad character, simply...annoying. And some people may hate me but I'm not a huge fan of Yoruichi's friend. She's interesting and all but I feel like there's the bang of first meeting but little more than that. She serves a purpose but is not terribly developed.

More hints are being dropped. (Expect them to almost fall like rain for most of the arc.)


This jumps a bit, with the action halted, switched, and regrouped while the characters the story focuses on changes fairly often. You get a lot of information this way but I sometimes find it mildly annoying.


Finally arriving in the Soul Society; things are really staring to happen.

Question: What is your opinion on why Renji told Rukia about the rumors about Ichigo's arrival? I can't decide if he did it in anger and to hurt her or because he was genuinely trying to give her hope.