Raggedy Ann & Andy's Grow and Learn Library: Sunny Bunny Comes Home - Lynx Books I'll admit it, the rating is at least in part for nostalgia value. I LOVED this book as a kid, as one can tell when they see the pages that have half the page lovingly taped back together and the hardcover of the book stained and worn. I loved this book, used this book, and enjoyed reading it once again not a few minutes ago.

If you don't know anything about Raggedy Ann, first I am very sorry for you and second, go find out all you can about her. Granted, she is more for girls, even with all the male dolls surrounding her - Raggedy Andy, etc. - but she is fun, sweet, and has fun adventures. This book, the first in a series I never found another book in, has her renewing an old acquaintance named Sunny Bunny. Marcella found him and reunited him with her mother's dolls Raggedy Ann and Andy. The underlying message is that everyone is special. Sunny Bunny sees all these amazing things the other dolls can do and he can't do any of those things. However, he saves the day and realizes that he is special and can do something amazing as well.

The greatest piece of classic literature it is not, but it is a great little book for children, particularly when paired with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls of their own.

Even though most people didn't like it, I loved the animated movie done around the 1980s. I wore out two VHS tapes that had it; I dream of finding a dvd of it. It was wild, crazy, and a musical but it was fun and I loved it.