2014 Wimpy Book Challenge (or Things I Mighta Done Even Without A Challenge)

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

My note: This looks like a great challenge. Not too difficult and it might actually get me to read some books I'm having trouble working myself up to.


This is just a little monthly challenge idea for 2014 I'm kicking around.  Thoughts?  better ideas for a monthly challenge?  (I'll post individual months hopefully with cute images a few week's before each month's challenge gets underway).  


To participate in the challenge: Each month, post or reblog that month's challenge.  Tag all challenge related posts as "2014 Wimpy Book Challenge."  At a minimum, note what you will be reading.  Preferably, note what you'll be reading, keep us all updated on your status throughout the month, and actually review the things.


January - Post Holiday Cabin Fever Slump


Read a holiday gift, use a holiday bonus or gift card to buy a new read, or use this challenge as an excuse to get out from under your reading light and actually go out to a brick and mortar store to find your next read (photos of bookstore shelves are fun but not required).  If not possible because your weather really is so bad in January that you cannot get out and might even lose internet, then find the most cheerful or warm-weather setting book from your TBR pile and use for this month's challenge.

February - Revive A Stalled Series


If for some reason (other than it started to get awfully hard to read) you stopped reading in a series, start reading the next book in series (re-reading the last one because it's been so long your forgot is also acceptable; duology and trilogy books also count as series reads).


Not a series reader?  Find a new to you book by an author in a genre you used to read a lot but have not in a while.

March - New Release


Read any book published January 2013 to March 2014.  No particular country or format for that publish date if anything anywhere gives a date in that range, it qualifies.  (Admittedly, I have some really anticipated new releases Jan-Mar 2014 so this one is more cheering me on than challenging.)

April - Out of Zone


Read something you might not normally except that a post or review on booklikes or elsewhere in the blogosphere tickled your fancy.

May - Favorite Author


Read something from a favorite author.  Preferably new to you (does not have to be a new release) but re-reads acceptable if that's what you are in the mood for.  

June - New To You Author, Series or Genre


Read a book from new to you author, a new to you series or a genre/sub-genre either new to you or one you very seldom read.

July - Whittle TBR Mounds


Read something you already own from To Be Read piles, mounds, mountains, shelves, bookcases, closets, boxes, ereaders, etc.

August - Buddy Read or Read-along


Post some choices out to your booklikes friends and see if anyone will do a buddy read or a read-along with you.  


If no takers or in conjunction with: check out some booklikes discussion rooms for group/buddy reads.  Or, group/buddy  reads on another site.  I'm hoping by August some of the booklikes new features will have improved group/buddy read options.

September - What He/She Said


Post 3-8 books you are thinking of reading and let your booklikes friends comment on why they'd pick one or another.  If booklikes has poll options by then, you can also use that.  


If not enough friends or not enough commenting to help you choose, choose by reading reviews on book's booklike page (if booklikes still has not consolidated editions yet, you may need to view more than one edition's page to find good reviews).

October - Group Read


Participate in a group read with book discussion (book of the month, group read, book club, whatever).  Can be here on booklikes, a real life book club, goodreads, The Reading Room, BookRabbit or wherever.  Just be sure to duplicate at least some of your additions to the discussion here and link to the group read if not a real life book club.

November - Review Pick


Read a book that caught your interest from recent review or status update posts by friends on booklikes (from dashboard, down righthand column underneath your currently reading there is a choice to see all posts or just reviews; clicking "just reviews" might be helpful).  


Not enough friends posting or not enough friends sharing your reading tastes? Check out booklikes reviews for  books on your TBR list or new releases in your genre and pick based on those reviews.

- 2014


Read any book with a 2014 publication date (any country, any edition/format release with a 2014 published date).